The Housing Authority’s innovative Workforce Housing Program is designed to address the affordable housing needs of our community’s low to moderate income workforce who are increasingly caught in the gap between skyrocketing rents and ineligibility for other assistance.

The Housing Authority is committed to providing affordable housing to make it possible for more people to live where they work, in Santa Barbara. This approach benefits people who can keep transporation and other costs to a minimum, and have more time to spend with family, education, or career development. And benefits us all by minimizing the impact of commuting on our environment and quality of life in Santa Barbara.

In many ways, the Housing Authority serves our workforce throughout all of its properties. The majority of our non-senior residents are working families – participating and contributing to our workforce, our economy and our community.

Workforce Housing Types

Downtown Workforce units are only available to persons employed within specified boundaries in downtown Santa Barbara (see map link below).

Essential Workforce units do not have employment location restrictions.

Middle-Income or Open Market Workforce units target those employed with incomes up to 160% AMI. MORE INFORMATION.

Workforce Housing Details

  • The Workforce Housing Program was created for individuals who are gainfully employed in the south coast of Santa Barbara.
  • All units are located within the City of Santa Barbara.
  • Unit sizes range from studio to 3-bedroom.
  • The income limits for the program vary based on individual units and projects, but cannot exceed 160% of Area Median Income, or $122,920 for one person.
  • Rent levels range from $656 per month and up, dependent upon bedroom size and household income.
  • For some properties, applicants who do not own or use a car or other vehicle will receive a preference on the waiting list.
  • Priority is given to residents of Santa Barbara and U.S. Veterans.

Effective 2021

Income Limits - Workforce Housing Programs

Household SizeDowntown Workforce PropertiesGeneral Workforce Properties
Minimum Income Maximum IncomeMinimum Income Maximum IncomeMaximum Income
1 $25,000$70,050 (80% AMI)$35,00070,050$122,920
2 $25,000$86,496 (120% AMI)$40,00080,050$140,480
3 $45,00090,050$158,040
4 $50,000100,050$175,600
5 $55,000108,100$189,648
(80%/120% AMI)(80% AMI)(120% AMI)

A tour of the Housing Authority’s Workforce Housing developments:

Front view of 922 Catillo

Casa de Las Fuentes

StreetView of 422 E. Cota Street,

Artisan Court

Angle view of Bradley Court

Bradley Studios

Street view of Paseo Voluntario

Paseo Voluntario

Front view of 633 De La Vina St.

633 De La Vina St.

Front view of 1910 San Pascual St.

1910 San Pascual St.

More Information:

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