What is Moving to Work?

Moving to Work (MTW) is a demonstration program for housing authorities that provides select public housing agencies a unique opportunity to become industry leaders.  MTW agencies are able to test innovative, locally designed housing and self-sufficiency strategies rather than administering a Housing Choice Voucher program under the current regulations which are a “one size fits all” approach. MTW allows housing authorities exemptions from many existing voucher rules and provides funding flexibility with how Federal funds are used.

The MTW program is expanding under what are called Expansion Cohorts.  HUD has established 4 cohorts each designed to study a different aspect of program flexibility.  HACSB applied and was awarded MTW designation under Cohort 4. Landlord incentives.  The Landlord Incentives Cohort of the MTW Expansion will evaluate landlord incentives and their effect on landlord participation in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

What Changes will there be?

Housing Authorities participating under cohort 4 of the MTW Expansion must implement at least two MTW landlord incentive activities from a provided list of MTW landlord incentive activities.

HACSB already has many of the proposed landlord incentives in place; these include Damage Claims, Pre-Qualifying Unit Inspections and Vacancy Loss. The current incentives will be expanded on and additional incentives will be implemented to make the Section 8 program more attractive to landlords and make it easier for voucher holders to find units to rent.

When will the Changes take effect?

Changes will go into effect April 1, 2023.

Do Section 8 participants have to work?

Despite the name Moving to Work there is no requirement that Section 8 voucher holders must work.

Public Input

We would like your feedback during this process.  Feel free to contact us at anytime to provide input regarding any of the proposed incentives or changes.  Feedback is also welcome on changes that you would like to see that are not currently proposed.  Contact us at mtw@hacsb.org or 805-965-1071.

More Information on MTW

MTW Informational Meeting Recordings

The Housing Authority held two informational meetings via Zoom to review the Moving to Work (MTW) Program and what changes there will be to the Section 8 program as a result. Recordings and PowerPoint PDFs of the meetings are linked below:

August 24, 2022 Meeting (English)
Moving to Work PowerPoint – English

August 25, 2022 Meeting (Spanish)
Moving to Work PowerPoint – Spanish

Comments or questions, Contact us mtw@hacsb.org 805-965-1071