Landlords and Property Managers, you can be a part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis and change lives for the better. Start by participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Free Rental Listing Service

We offer a free rental listing service for all available local residential rental units. Please help our clients by listing your rental units.

“It is because of the Section 8 program and the landlords who participate in it, that our family has a new outlook on life, and we thank you all for that.”

-Brenda & Family


  • Landlord incentives listed with photos of young girl holding out key and older couple with boxes$500 signing bonus for new landlords leasing up a Section 8 participant with a City issued voucher
  • Available Section 8 unit damage protection; reimbursement to the owner of up to $2000 for unpaid unit damages, rent, and related court costs
    Landlord would be eligible for vacancy loss or one full week of prorated rent, 2nd week at 50% if leasing up a HACSB Section 8 tenant being vacated by another HACSB Section 8 participant
  • Referral bonus of $100 to person referring a new landlord to the program (Section 8 participants not eligible)
  • Guaranteed prompt payment of the Housing Authority’s portion of rent – the tenant pays a manageable portion of their income towards rent, thus the tenant is better able to pay rent on time
  • Owner maintains normal management rights and responsibilities
  • The Housing Authority inspects each unit annually and provides information on preventing damage
  • Special inspection available – owner requested inspections possibly prompted by health & safety concerns
  • Dedicated Housing Authority staff to answer questions when a housing case manager is not available.


How Do I List My Available Unit?

The current rental market has made it harder than ever for Santa Barbara’s service employees, seniors and disabled residents to find housing. Please list your units with HACSB — remember you should still screen and select the tenant of your choice based on your screening criteria. Call Eddie Capristo with your rental listings at 805-897-1039.

How Do I Get Paid?

Housing Authority sends payments the 1st business day of each month in order to make sure landlords are paid in a timely fashion. If the first falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be made on the following business day. You can also get paid electronically; we can provide you with the information to enroll in direct deposit.

Inspections—what for? And when?

To make sure everything is going well, we will send a trained inspector out to the unit every 1-2 years.  That way you can be sure the tenant is keeping the place up and we can alert you to any problems that you might not have known about. This service is always free. We also provide owner-requested inspections initiated by health and safety concerns; if it is determined the Section 8 participant is in violation of Section 8 regulations, a warning will be issued to the participant and follow-up inspection(s), can be scheduled. Additionally, in the event a Section 8 tenant’s housekeeping has regressed substantially, the Housing Authority will enroll the participant in “Home Care,” a year-long program that includes six monthly inspections followed by two quarterly inspections.

Can I Increase Rents?

Yes. If you need to raise the rent on a unit subsidized by the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara, please remember that the notice period is a minimum of 60 days. A copy of the notice should be sent to the Housing Authority after you have sent the original notice to the tenant. The new rent portions will be calculated and corresponding amendments sent to the landlord and tenant.

I gave my tenant notice to vacate. What now?

All notices—3 day, 30, 60 or 90 day– must state cause according to Section 8 regulations. The stated cause and proper documentation of warnings also helps the Housing Authority determine whether a Section 8 tenant may retain his or her voucher. For all other notices, addenda or warnings, please send a copy of the notice to the Housing Authority for the tenant file. If the notice or warning is being served due to a lease violation, the case manager and/or leasing agent will follow up with the Section 8 participant to address those issues. As with all tenants, proper documentation of warnings and lease violations is crucial to effectively evict a tenant who is not abiding by the lease.

I have more questions, who do I call?

You are always welcome to contact your Section 8 tenant’s case manager directly with any questions. If you don’t know which case manager is assigned to your tenant’s case, the following persons may be contacted regarding any HACSB Section 8 client:

Jerry Morales (805) 897-1049
Andrea Fink (805) 897-1034

Landlord Brochure


Unit SizeAmount

Effective 01-01-24

gogreen_300dpi     NEW! GO PAPERLESS!

The Housing Authority offers landlords direct deposit of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) assuring rent is in the bank, on time.

Additionally, all landlords have the option to  access payment information online through the HMS PAL website. It provides an 18-month payment history, year to date totals and the most current check and direct deposit data is available.

Because landlords can view the same information online as on paper statements, the Housing Authority encourages going paperless, and opting to not receive the paper remittance advices.

For questions or further information, please contact Bob Peirson, Finance Director, at or (805) 897-1058. Call to arrange a presentation for your group or order a free video.


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