Your rent is due in full on the first day of each month. Paying rent late is a violation of the lease agreement and can jeopardize your tenancy. For your convenience, HACSB offers the following payment options:

Payment at U.S. Bank

You can pay rent in person at any branch of U.S. Bank using a payment coupon obtained at the Housing Authority main office. You must use a coupon at the bank or your payment will not be credited to your account.

Online Payment

Residents can make a one-time payment or set up automatic monthly payments using a banking account or credit card. To enroll in Direct Debit payment, log in to your RentCafe account.

Locate your address below and click on the corresponding link to pay rent online.

If your address IS NOT listed below, use this link to pay rent:

AddressLink to pay rent
100 N La Cumbre
1022 E De La Guerra
1012-1018, 1024 E De La Guerra
1022 Garden
1027 E Ortega
1616-1618 Castillo
1910 San
2120 - 2124 Oak Park Lane
224 W Ortega St
2525 De La Vina
2941 State St2941state-myaccount.hacsb.orgg
309-311 S Voluntario St
425-431 E Ortega St
509-515 W Victoria St
616 W Mission
630 W Arrelllaga
633 De La Vina
705 Olive
801-835 Olive St
809-811 Olive St
810 Vine
816 Vine
817 Olive
821 E Figueroa
922 Castillo
175 S La Cumbre
1831 De La Vina
2721 Miradero Dr
401-404 Transfer Ave
1200 Punta