Front of home with a water fountainHACSB’s Workforce Housing Program provides housing options to those households in a community who have professions making average to above average income levels but are still priced out of local housing markets.

This program hopes to make it possible for more people to be able to live where they work, in Santa Barbara. This approach not only benefits participants by lowering housing and transportation costs, but it also benefits the entire community by minimizing the environmental impact of commuting.


  • Below market rental rates
  • Well-maintained properties
  • Responsive management
  • Pets allowed (with deposit)
  • Security deposit payment plan
  • Online rent payments available
  • Brief income inquiry required to determine qualified applicants
  • Must demonstrate a rent-to-income ratio of no more than 50%
  • No waiting list – all new vacancies are advertised locally (Craigslist, etc.)

Income Restrictions

Household SizeMinimum Income Maximum Income (160% AMI)
1 $30,000$140,000
2 $35,000$160,000
3 $40,000$180,000
4 $45,000$199,840
5 $50,000$215,840

Current Vacancies:

No current vacancies.

A tour of the Housing Authority’s Middle Income/Open Market Workforce Housing:

yellow house with tree in front

1616-1618 Castillo St.


2120-2124 Oak Park Lane


100 N. La Cumbre Rd.