Supportive Services Program

The Housing Authority recognizes that our work is about more than building quality affordable housing; it is also about providing our clients with the opportunity to access needed health and social services in order to stabilize and improve the quality of their lives.
 “The Supportive Services Program improves the quality of life of our clients, with an emphasis on promoting their dignity, well-being and self-sufficiency.”

Our Supportive Services Program includes comprehensive case management services by professional staff aimed at assisting Housing Authority clients in maintaining successful tenancies.

Access to supportive services is free, confidential and voluntary.

Short-term, individual and family counseling is also available free of charge through a contract with New Beginnings Counseling Center.

Program Features

  • Case Management (short term)
  • Confidential Counseling Services
  • Referral Assistance 
  • Senior Services
  • Transitional Assistance
  • Eviction Prevention

For more information, please contact Lesley Wilson, Supportive Services Program Coordinator and Case Manager, at (805) 897-1048 or

Supportive Services Brochure – English
Supportive Services Brochure – Spanish



Health Access and Care Coordination Project

The Health Access and Care Coordination (HACC) Project is an innovative multi-agency, multi-disciplinary collaborative focused on expanding access and improving coordination across the continuum of care to ensure equitable healthcare for newly eligible Medi-Cal members residing in affordable housing.

hannahThe goal of the Health Access and Care Coordination Project is to connect MediCal expansion members with primary care and behavioral health providers.

The core values of equity, respect, compassion and collaboration guide the actions of HACC partners as we work together to improve access to health services for vulnerable members of our community.

The HACC collaborative will help facilitate the following for MediCal expansion members, ages 19-65:

  • Increase access to mental health and immediate care services through the development of a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team;
  • Provide health education and wellness programs;
  • Enhance care coordination across primary and behavioral healthcare delivery systems by assisting in health care navigation, linkages to formal services, arranging appointments, transportation to appointments, follow-up calls, and other disease management activities;
  • Provide home visits and “pop-up” clinics for physical and mental health assessments, and preliminary treatment;
  • Educate participants on how to avoid readmission to the hospital for basic healthcare needs; and
  • Connect participants with area health care providers in order to help them establish lasting relationships.

For more information about the Health Access and Care Coordination Project, please contact:

Hannah Greenberg, MS
Health Services Coordinator
Tel: (805) 897-1054