2nd Story Associates; Michael Zuckerman, Union Bank private banker; Rob Fredericks, deputy executive director of the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara and president of 2nd Story Associates; Randy Weiss, Union Bank corporate social responsibility officer. (2nd Story Associates photo)

By Amy Bernstein for 2nd Story Associates |

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara (HACSB) and their nonprofit affiliate, 2nd Story Associates, recently received a box truck, donated by Union Bank.

2nd Story Associates will use the truck to help with furniture and household goods delivery to low-income families throughout Santa Barbara through its Furniture Closet Program.

The program was created to assist newly housed low-income families, seniors, persons with disabilities and especially those coming from homelessness to obtain essential household items.

Because the program is administered by young adult and student interns, it also provides valuable training in business management, including skills needed for good customer service.

Union Bank Vice President and Private Banker, Michael Zuckerman, and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Randy Weiss, presented the truck to 2nd Story Associates just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We are grateful to Union Bank for this unique and generous contribution and for its longtime leadership role in serving the community,” said Rob Fredericks, Housing Authority deputy executive director and CAO and president of 2nd Story Associates. “Housing itself is critical to working families and others in need in Santa Barbara, and support for 2nd Story Associates’ programs sets a great example of ways to turn housing into a home that will help families thrive and succeed.”

2nd Story Associates is a nonprofit affiliate of Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara that aims to help fund and develop affordable housing and related social services for low-income families, seniors and disabled members of the Santa Barbara community.

The organization welcomes financial support or donations of new or gently used furniture and household furnishings and other items through its Furniture Closet Program.

Amy Bernstein is a publicist representing 2nd Story Associates.