City staff is recommending that the council approvetransitional housing for the formerly homeless at 2904 State Street. The plan was objected to by neighbors. (04/26/11)

Housing for Formerly Homeless

From City Council Agenda

City staff is recommending that the council approve transitional housing for the formerly homeless at 2904 State Street on Tuesday. The plan was objected to by neighbors earlier this year.

* * *

AGENDA DATE: April 26, 2011

TO: Mayor and Councilmembers FROM: Housing and Redevelopment Division, Community Development Department

SUBJECT: 2904 State Street Lease By Housing Authority To WillBridge

RECOMMENDATION: That Council approve the leasing of the affordable rental property at 2904 State Street by the Housing Authority to WillBridge for use as transitional housing for formerly homeless persons.

DISCUSSION: On January 25, 2011 Council approved a grant of $1,150,000 in Redevelopment Agency Housing Setaside Funds to the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara for the acquisition of 2904 State Street for use as affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals. The Housing Authority stated its intention to lease the entire eight-unit property to a local non-profit such as WillBridge or Transition House. The following week, on February 1, 2011, the item was brought back to Council for reconsideration after some Councilmembers heard concern expressed about whether such use was appropriate given the site’s location near Peabody School. After a public hearing, Council voted to affirm the grant approval, but to add the condition that the Housing Authority hold up to three public meetings with concerned parents and neighbors and return to Council for a determination as to whether the property could be leased to WillBridge or, instead, used for conventional low income housing.

As explained in the attached letter from the Housing Authority, the Housing Authority held three such meetings and reached a consensus from the attendees that the lease to WillBridge could go forward. Therefore, staff recommends that Council allow the lease to WillBridge as requested.