Artisan Court: Construction Update
updated: Mar 05, 2010, 1:57 PM

Source: Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara and its partners are working on the fastest and safest track possible to complete the building of Artisan Court as planned by January 2011. The Housing Authority wishes to keep the community at large informed about the construction progress of Artisan Court and to notify residents, businesses in the area about the kinds of impact the construction may have in the neighborhood surrounding the 422 E. Cota site (noise, vibration, street/sidewalk closures, etc.) and reduce inconvenience to the public.

Week of March 8th: Estimated 3 to 4 days will include pile driving – for those in the surrounding neighborhood, expect noise and vibration.

Mid-March: Utilities digging – may require laborers to wear protective suits and gear.
Front retaining wall building- for those in the surrounding neighborhood, expect noise.

Mid-April: Estimated 1-2 weeks will include periods of pile driving – expect noise and vibration.

Online Updates:
Artisan Court, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara’s latest housing community, will be the agency’s newest innovation in affordable housing designed to serve some populations in the City that are underserved or not yet served. The 55-unit studio apartment development will provide housing for three target groups: youth aging out of foster care, the formerly homeless, and low-income downtown workers. Artisan Court will include special features such as space for provision of on-site supportive services, proven to be a critical key to successful housing for the special needs populations Artisan Court will serve, and a community garden.

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara is a local public agency created for the purpose of providing safe, decent, and quality affordable housing and supportive services to eligible persons with limited incomes, through a variety of federal, state, local and private resources. Since 1969, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara has developed and/or secured over 3,000 units of affordable rental housing for Santa Barbara. Please visit the website at

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